Do you need a day with your girlfriends? 3 ideas for some girl bonding!!

It seems like the older I get, the less time I have to spend hanging out with friends!! Between working full time and being a single mother I just don’t have the time or energy to plan anything outside of my normal routine. But what about when you are burned out and you just need a day to spend with your closest girlfriends to talk, vent or just laugh with? Here are a 3 ideas you can do with your girlfriends!!


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Spa day!

Who wouldn’t mind having a day to be relaxed and pampered!! Going to the spa with your friends can be one of the most relaxing outings you can plan!! While you’re unwinding in the sauna or getting rid of tension with a massage, it’s a great time to catch up with your friends and all the events you might have missed while being away from each other due to your busy lives and family obligations. And the best part is you’ll all leave feeling refreshed and renewed!!



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Now I know my friends would be like oh heck no we are not going hiking getting sweaty and getting our hair messy. But if you have friends that don’t mind taking in nature then a nice hike would be the thing to do!! I personally love nature walks and found a nice nature trail about an hour away from where I live that I like to go on just to clear my mind. While on the hike you can take in the beautiful nature God made and get a little exercise in!!

Road trip!



Now this one is an all time favorite of mine!! Usually being stuck in the car for hours to a destination involve me breaking up fights among my kids, being asked a million times “are we there yet?” and having to make multiple potty stops!! But a road trip with your friends is another experience in itself!! Between playing DJ with the radio, singing loudly off key, and talking about everything under the sun, a road trip with your friends is one of the most fun things you can plan. It has been during road trips that I’ve revealed my deepest secrets and have learned a few of my friends!! And this best part is getting to the destination and having a second road trip back home!!

What type of plans do you make with your girlfriends?




Summertime fun: 3 cool ideas for fun on a budget


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School is out and summer has officially begun!! This is the time of year most families like to plan vacations and special outings. If you’re anything like me you want to go on week long vacations but just don’t have the budget or time for it. So what do those of us on a budget do for fun in the sun? Here are three fun budget friendly ideas.

Beach trip!


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I personally love going to the beach!! I love laying in the sand watching the waves crash, the kids playing in the water and making sand castles. To save money I usually make this a day trip. Other than putting gas in the car, I usually don’t spend much money. I pack sandwiches, snacks and drinks in a cooler so that once we get to the beach we don’t have to leave for nothing!!



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When traveling for a vacation is out of the question then a stay-cation is the next best thing!! Being home on a summer day don’t have to boring especially when we have stuff right at our fingertips to have fun with!! One of those things being a water hose!! You can hook it up to a sprinkler and let the kids play in it or buy a low cost slip and slide and hook the hose to it for hours of fun!! You can even buy some balloons to fill with water and have an awesome balloon fight!! And if you find yourself without a sprinkler or slip and slide then just the hose itself works!!

Movie day!

Sometimes local movie theaters offer summer discounts for their matinee movies. Usually before a designated time you can bring your family to see a movie for little or no cost!! Besides buying popcorn and drinks, you really won’t have to spend much and the kids will be entertained. Also some local libraries and parks will show movies on some days during the summer which is free for the public.

Having summer fun does not mean you have to break the bank!! Check your local parks websites or the events calendar for you local newspaper for free or discounted summer events. Planning multiple day trips can be just as fun as planning week long trips. All of these ideas are cost effective and fun to do with the family!!

What do you do for fun?


21 Day Fix/Shakeology-Week 1

The beginning of June I set out to start a fitness journey to not only look better but to be healthier. When I decided to try the 21 day fix/Shakeology challenge I went in with the mindset that this is not a diet but a honest to goodness lifestyle change. I was so pumped up and ready for the challenge. One of my best friends Karin had decided to give it a try again and I thought well if she can do it so can I!! I spoke to my coach Artina often and ordered the program the minute my direct deposit hit my account!! A week later the box came and I tore it open like it was Christmas morning!! That next week, June 13th, the challenge was to start and I was more than ready…or so I thought!!!

The Sunday before the challenge I sat in my living room, all my items sprawled out across the dining room table, list of food I should be eating, dvd and no plan!! I was completely overwhelmed and unprepared to prep anything!! I went to the grocery store with a full list but a half empty bank account so I was limited on my purchases. All I knew for sure was no matter what I was gonna eat better, drink my shake and do my exercise everyday that week!! I went to bed anxious for the next day to come so I can start my fitness journey!!!

To sum my week up in one word I would say…interesting!! Since I failed to plan ahead of time I ended up hungry in between meals, not because the program calls for me to eat skimpy but because I wasn’t eating enough!! I forgot my snacks some days and the other days I just didn’t pack enough food to get me through the day!! The only meal I did have on point was dinner…I mean I ate like a Queen!!! I was full and ready to tackle my exercises each night. Speaking of exercises, I also learned during my first week that I’m out of shape!! Every exercise seemed to kick my butt but I was determined not to stop and by day 7  I felt like I just might not die from these exercises!! Overall my week was a 7 out of 10 solely because although everything didn’t go right, I never gave up!!

So far I am so happy with my decision to purchase this program. The shakes have given me so much more energy then I had just a week ago. I’m able to get up early, fix my shakes, cook my meals and get out the house early!!! I’m excited to see how I’ve changed in 21 days and even more excited to see how much I will change after a few more cycles of the program!! I didn’t get this out of shape in 21 days so I’m not expecting a miracle to happen in that amount of time but I can tell already that if I just remember my goals and stick to my meal plans then I will have that body I yearn for!!

Let me know what you think!!!

What I learned from Tamar Braxton being fired from “The Real”

A couple of weeks ago Tamar Braxton shocked us all when she posted a message on Instagram about being stabbed in the back by a “friend”. The story took a twist as rumors of her being fired surfaced on multiple entertainment sites but with Tamar taking a hiatus from social media the rumors couldn’t be denied or confirmed. Unfortunately the production company for the talk show “The Real” decided to confirm the rumors for her, Tamar had indeed left the show. Now of course based on the statement released by the production company they would have you to think it was a mutual decision but again rumors started to surface that she was fired rather than voluntarily left. I’ve come to learn where there is smoke there is fire!!

On top of having a thriving singing career, a reality show with her husband and multiple other obligations, she also is starring in a reality show with her family. On Thursday night Tamar allowed the world to see her at a vulnerable time in her life. I sat in my bed with tears flowing as I watched her sob to her big sister, Toni Braxton, about how she was blindsided by being fired and didn’t know why she had really even been fired. Now if this woman who has loads of money and plenty of other avenues to make money can be this hurt over a setback then I know I probably would have just fallen apart from being fired with no warning. She was so hurt and confused, in that moment she couldn’t see past the betrayal she was feeling. But in just a few weeks time her misfortune has turned into a blessing. During her interview with Steve Harvey on his radio show, it was announced that Tamar was signed to 112th Street Production where she will produce her own talk show and TV series!! Talk about God closing one door and opening another!!

Here is what I learned:

Every rejection isn’t bad

Many times when I’m in the midst of a situation it’s hard to see the silver lining. I end up frustrated and going into panic mode trying to fix it. The problem is I tend to react off of emotions rather than brain power!! Tamar could’ve just laid in the bed and gave up but she turned a bad situation into a great opportunity!! If she hadn’t been fired from the “The Real” then she wouldn’t have the awesome opportunity she has now. That’s exactly how we should approach setbacks in life.

Falling isn’t bad, it’s the not getting up that hurts you

As Tamar cried to her sister Toni, she was broken and weak but her sister said something to her that stuck with me. She said (and not verbatim), “you can stay in bed today, and you can stay in bed and eat all day tomorrow, but the next day get up and start over again”. In a bad situation you’re going to do one of two things, either let the situation get the best of you or allow yourself to heal but get back out there and try a different approach. One choice will hinder your growth while the other will help you grow and receive blessings you could only imagine!!

Never put all your eggs in one basket

Most people only have one revenue of money coming in. We work these full or part time jobs and make it with what we have. Although it’s great if you can afford all you need and want with one job, it would be awesome if we had income coming in from different streams. Luckily Tamar has her singing career, two reality shows and pretty soon new  show to fall back on but what about the average American? If I was to get fired from my job today I would have no other income to help me. I would have to try to survive off an unemployment check and let me just say that’s not easy at all!! I want to know I’m still secure even if I lose one stream of income so I’m definitely trying more than one way to make money.

It’s hard enough to get fired from a job and people in your hometown find out about it, but what if thousands of people you didn’t know found out about it and cast their unsolicited opinion on you? It had to be embarrassing and hard to deal with but instead of going into hiding and staying there Tamar took the time she needed for herself and came back better than ever!! That’s the exact way we need to approach setbacks in our lives.

What lessons have you learned from Tamar being fired from “The Real”?


If you knew you couldn’t fail what would you do?

Recently I have decided to throw caution to the wind and share my life openly on my blog and social media but it hasn’t been easy. Just tonight I shared a photo of myself in a tube top and shorts to show where I am beginning in my weight loss journey and let me just say it was not a picture that would be featured in Sports Illustrated. As I sent the picture I felt my whole body shaking, just the thought of showing people what’s really under these big clothes had me super nervous. I was so scared to check my facebook as I saw the little icon pop up in my notifications on my phone. I really didn’t know if I would receive a positive response but to my surprise everyone was supportive and super positive!! Which got me thinking, if I knew I wouldn’t fail beforehand what else what I do? What if God said no matter what you try to accomplish you will succeed?

Whatever you are, be a good one ~Abraham Lincoln

Many times we talk ourselves out of doing stuff because we’re too scared of rejection and failure. These last few months I have continuously stepped out of my comfort zone and honestly with no regrets!! But I still have moments when I start to do something and scale back because my fear and nerves get the best of me. I usually end up feeling regretful that I didn’t just go for it no matter what others may think. But those days are gone!! These last couple of months have taught me that time waits for no one!! Life is super short and I refuse to leave this Earth without at least going after my dreams. God didn’t put us here to live a mediocre life so why not give it my all. There will be some tough days and everyone won’t be so kind and supportive but the key is believing in your journey and knowing that your steps are being ordered!!

It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up ~Babe Ruth

Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball to look into before we make our next steps but we have something better, we have faith!! Faith that if it’s meant to be it’ll be, faith that God has put this gift in me to share and help others, faith in myself to succeed. Everything we do is a risk and we may fall but the beautiful thing about falling is the chance you’re given to get up. Just because one thing didn’t work for you don’t mean you should just give up. I think Aaliyah said it best when she sung “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”. Life is full of failures, the key is to know that failure is more of a lesson than it is a negative. When something negative happens we can react two separate ways, either let it break you or use it as a stepping stone to something better!!

tires (picture via Pinterest)

What would you try if you knew for certain you could not fail?


Angela Simmons: Good girl gone bad or wrongfully judged

Angela Simmons, daughter of Rev.Run, recently revealed her pregnancy via Instagram and instantly was met with criticism and cruel comments. If you’re not a fan of Angela or follow her on social media then you may be confused as to why people care if this 28 year old engaged woman with an alleged net worth of an estimated 7.5 million dollars is pregnant. Well the answer is quite simple, Angela has proclaimed many times that she is a virgin that will be waiting for marriage to have sex.

In this day in age saving yourself for marriage is a rare value that unfortunately many of us didn’t keep. So to have a young, rich  African-American socialite vow a life of celibacy until marriage made a lot of females look up to her as an role model. As recently as January, Angela can be seen on the popular radio show, The Breakfast Club, speaking on her virginity and also being single. Since then she has became engaged (allegedly to an ex con) and now have announced her pregnancy. And by the picture she posted on Instagram she is pretty far along. So the question is do she owe her fans an explanation? In my opinion, and I will answer this the same way I answered it in my head, hell naw!!

Angela is NOT our Saviour!! She was not put on this Earth to be Captain Save A Virgin!! I’m sure she absolutely planned at some point in her life to save herself for marriage but guess what life happens!! That is why Jesus died on the cross for us, to pay for our sins. No one is perfect, including people who fall short. Here a few a reasons I think people need to keep their negative opinions to themselves.

Don’t put all your trust in role models you don’t know personally

Making a celebrity your role model to the point that if they make a mistake you fall apart is kind of sad. It’s ok to look up to other people but remember they are people just like you. They will make the same mistakes we make, the only difference is the world is there ready to criticize and ridicule them. And remember as disappointed as we are that our role models aren’t perfect, they probably are just as hard on themselves for the mistakes they made.

Everybody you look up to don’t deserve your admiration

I won’t say Angela shouldn’t be admired for all her accomplishments but speaking from personal experience, everyone shouldn’t be in the role model position. I recently was a teacher in the Beautiful Girls ministry at my church where we spoke to middle and high school girls about life situations and how they should handle them as a Christian and I’ll be honest, I shouldn’t have been there!! Now I had very good intentions on guiding the girls to better themselves but I was in the wrong environment to do it. I shouldn’t have taught anyone about how to handle various topics in a Christian way when honestly I’m still on my own Christian journey to handle life situations better.

Be careful throwing stones out your glass house

This one is pretty much self explanatory!! Everyone has made a mistake and fallen short in sin yet we still have the nerve to turn our nose up when someone else make a mistake. Even if you are one of the ones who managed to stay a virgin until marriage, you still have no right to judge. No one is perfect so you have sinned in one way or another!! Don’t judge someone because they sin different from you. A sin is a sin and we all will have to answer for our mistakes so why be so judgmental? If what someone else do in their life don’t directly affect yours then you shouldn’t have anything to say.

I personally wish Angela and her family many blessings on this new bundle of joy. No matter what bringing a child into this world is incredible. I know it maybe disappointing to have your role model turn out to be someone you didn’t think they were but that still don’t give you the right to be cruel towards anyone. Take it as a lesson and set your own values so that they only person that can disappoint you is YOU!!

Do you think Angela owe her fans an explanation?




My personal fitness journey

It’s that time of year again when I reflect on how much time I’ve wasted NOT getting fit!! Summer is here and once again I have to wear clothes to cover all the fat areas that I know nobody wants to see!! Every winter I say I’m gonna get “summertime fine” but I end up hibernating and storing fat!! Well this time around I’m gonna try something different!! Instead of trying to just keep myself held accountable for working out and eating clean, I’m going to document my journey through this blog and also through my YouTube page!!

Not only am I doing this for myself but for others like myself that go to YouTube or fitness blogs for inspiration only to see these super fit people that look like that need to eat or  someone who is on a weight loss journey but only posted one video. I’m committing myself to documenting weekly to show any results whether the week was bad or good, I plan to be transparent for my followers!! I will be trying the 21 day fix and Shakeology combo starting the second week of June.  The 21 day fix program comes with containers that help you portion your meals. It also comes with booklets that give you a detailed list of foods, spices and drinks you can have while on the program. (FYI you can have wine on this program, winning!!!) Along with the booklets you also get workout dvds that are designed to help you reach your fitness goal!! The Shakeology part of it is a shake that serves as a meal replacement!! It comes in a variety of different flavors and will help aid in your fitness journey!!

I tried the 21 day fix by itself last year and really wasn’t serious about it. This time around my journey is more about my health than looking good in a two piece bathing suit. I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) about 2 years ago and after a recent trip to the doctor was told if I didn’t change my eating habits the next step for me would be surgery!! Hearing those words woke me up real quick. I was given three pills to take, two of them I take 4 times a day!! Yes I said 4 times a day!! This is NOT about to be my life. I have three kids that need me and if I leave this Earth it shouldn’t be because of something I could have changed so here I am!! Ready for a lifestyle change and also ready to pay it forward to someone else that my journey might help. I’ve found an incredible woman that will coach me through this process and I have one of my bestfriends will be trying it with me!!

Now if you have ever looked up the price then you know it’s not a cheap program but one thing I’m learning is if you want anything in life you have to invest in yourself. I can either pay hundreds over the years in doctor bills, surgeries and medications OR pay this one time price for a program I can use over and over again. I do believe I choose the program over putting more money in the insurance company pockets!! Every situation is different and trust me I understand sometimes you just can’t afford to invest but this is why I am here. I want to pay it forward by not only documenting my journey but giving out tips and workouts that I’m learning while on the journey!!

So follow my journey on my blog and also by subscribing to my YouTube channel JRenea!!

*Disclaimer* I am not being paid for an endorsement for the 21 day fix program or Shakeology!!!


What I learned from attending Dr. Steve Harvey conference “Act like a success”

In January when I had my first vision of turning my love of writing into a full time commitment I can honestly say I didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew was I had a crazy imagination and loved to write out stories that popped in my head. I watched countless people on Periscope and never felt like they understood me, until I found Mrs. Christine St. Vil. From her first periscope I watched I knew she understood me and would be able to relate to my journey. One night in February while watching she mentioned Steve Harvey conference “Act Like A Success” and stated we should check it out. From the minute I researched the conference I knew I was going. They were offering a discount until the end of March so I saved until I could afford the VIP tickets that would ensure I would meet all the keynote speakers. A couple of  weeks after finding out about the conference I had saved enough to purchase the tickets but it was sold out. I was so discouraged and upset that I had missed out on such a great opportunity. Sure they had plenty of general session tickets available but that’s not what I wanted. After thinking it over I decided that even though it’s not what I hoped for I would purchase the general tickets and still try to get the most out of the conference. I am proud to say I am beyond happy I purchased my ticket that day!!

The conference was an amazing, incredible, soul searching take me to church while tears roll down my face experience. I went to this conference not knowing who I would meet or if I would meet anyone. I walked in with gigantic butterflies in my stomach and wondering if I had actually made the right choice. The room was decorated so beautiful and everyone looked so professional, I didn’t feel like I fit in. But from the moment I sat down and begin to network with my peers and listen to all the keynote speakers I knew I was definitely where I belonged!! Here are just four things I learned from going to the conference.

Be authentic in everything you do

One of the things that every keynote speaker had in common was they were transparent in speaking of their journey to sucess. No one stood up there and tried to pretend that success came easy and without hardwork. Every single person had to go through something in order to reach their breakthrough so we shouldn’t give up when the road gets rough.

It’s ok to ask for help

So many times I have felt like asking for help is a sign of weakness but it’s not. No matter how hard you work without a great team of people behind you it’ll be hard to be successful without burning out. Whether it’s from a coach or from networking with other people in your field never feel bad about seeking help.

It’s ok to say No

This one is a biggie for me. I have such a hard time telling people no when it comes to their needs but seem to always say no to my own needs. I’m a people pleaser by nature so learning to say no to some situations will be hard for me but essential for my career growth. I learned at the conference that every situation that comes your way may not be a good match for your business. Sometimes no matter how good it seems you have to stay true to yourself and say no in order for something better to come to you.

If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready

So shamefully I must admit I was not as prepared as I should have been at the conference. The first question everyone I met asked was “Do you have a business card I can have?” and I had to stupidly say no. Yes I read the email that said bring your business cards but in my mind I’m thinking I’m not established enough to have business card, wrong!! No matter what level I’m at in my career I still need something to show where I’m at in life right now. I can’t wait until I’m “established” before I’m prepared to network with others, I need to live in the present.

I learned so much more at the conference but those are just four of the things that stuck out to me. Going to this conference has ignited a fire in me to strive for the best, accomplish it and then strive for even better. Never give up on getting more and doing more. Every single person who spoke at the conference was nothing short of an inspiration and I would recommend everyone to start saving now so that you won’t miss out on next years!! I definitely plan to be in the number again!!



The night I stopped living and just started existing

I can’t even begin to count how many times I told someone that I’m sorry for their loss or that I’ll pray for them or their situation. One of them times came two days before my heartbreak when my friend best friend suddenly passed away. Sometimes I remembered to pray for them and then sadly sometimes I forgot until the next time I saw them and then felt guilty for not contributing my prayers towards their situation. Each time that happened or I read a story in the news about somebody family going through a tragedy I always thought “dang I feel bad for them but God will see them through”. I believed with all my heart that despite their grief if they just leaned on God they’ll be alright. Then tragedy unfortunately knocked on my door on the early morning of May 17th.

When something horrible happens it seems as if time stays still. Everything that led up to that time and day plays back in your head over and over again. On the night of May 16th I laid in bed toggling between Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I was bored and social media wasn’t doing it for me no more so I got off line for a couple of hours until my show went off then I got on Snapchat to see if anything new was posted. As I scrolled down the list I noticed my favorite person (my blood cousin but to me my big brother) had added a Snap. I noticed it had been a couple of hours but I wanted to see what he posted. As I watched the Snap I laughed at it and sent him a message. About an hour went by and no response which was strange for him because he always wrote me back quick but I didn’t stress it since I was getting tired anyway. Finally around 12:50 am I was able to drift off to sleep but was awaken 10 mins later with a phone call that continues to play over and over again in my head “Ray was killed in a car accident tonight”.

My first reaction was to scream, I don’t know if I was screaming at the news or screaming to wake myself up out of that nightmare but unfortunately this wasn’t something I could wake up out of. My soul hurt, my heart hurt, my head was aching so bad I thought it would literally burst. How is it possible that the person I could go to with any and everything was gone? I sat Indian style in a dark room for hours just staring off into nothing. The only thing that kept replaying in my head was “Ray was killed in a car accident tonight”. I called my best friends and could barely get any words out. I was broken, I felt lost and abandoned by someone that God put in my life and then took away. I was angry, how could He just take him without warning us. Then I was just numb, I heard people talking and saw them moving but I just felt nothing. I was completely drowning in my grief and I didn’t want to be saved. I wanted to just disappear into the night and never return.

Over the next few days I literally did not think about what I was going to do from one minute to the next. I wasn’t living in the moment I literally just existed. At work I tried my best to keep up a good spirit and not let anyone know of the horrible thoughts that were plaguing my mind. I could feel the darkness closing in on me as the days trickled by. I went to his candlelight vigil, his wake and to his funeral only in body, my mind was not there. The only thing that gave me a little bit of solace was being around my family at our grandmother house but then the night would come. I would be back laying in the dark in my thoughts of how I didn’t want to be on this Earth right now, back praying to God asking for forgiveness in advance to how I would turn away from him in my grief. I needed relief, something to take me out of my misery so I did what I knew would give me some temporary relief, I got a tattoo to honor my love.

“I love you to the moon, the stars and heaven”

It’s been a few weeks and I’m slowly coming out of the dark hole I fell down in the early mornings of May 17th. Sometimes I find myself staring out at nothing while I think about him, other times I replay his last Snapchat that was never opened just so I can hear his voice over and over again. Lately I’ve been able to laugh a lot more and have fun with family and friends which I know is what he’d want. I haven’t been able to go back to church since it happened because I just wasn’t ready to face God again, but I know I must go back and get on track if I ever wanna see my loved ones again. If I could take one lesson out of this whole tragedy it is that life is super short and can be over in less than a few seconds. That night of the accident two families lost loved ones. Since his accident death seem to have just taken over our community. From other fatal car accidents to five family members being gunned down. Death has knocked on so many doors and there is nothing stopping it from being mine next.

“Why be judged by your past when you can be remembered for your legacy”

~James Ray Cannon

Ray motto in life and for his business was “Why be judged by your past when you can be remembered for your legacy”. He definitely left a legacy and imprint on his community and I’m so proud of the man he had become.  Lately I’ve been existing but I’m back on the road to living. Ray didn’t suffer, I know he’s in a better place and one day I will see that face again but until then I’ll be busy building my legacy for my family. I’ll still have some dark days but I truly believe the good will always outweigh the bad!! Cherish the life you have, be slow to anger, forgive quickly and love deeply. If it don’t add to your life then get rid of it. I’ll say it again, life is super short don’t waste it!!

So as you go through this thing called life ask yourself what would be your legacy? If you left here today what would people say about you?

Fun on a budget

If you’re anything like me you’re a parent on a budget!! Sure I want to give my kids all the things they want and need but the reality is, I’m not rich. Not even close to being rich, well not in the sense of finances. I’m rich in love and blessings but with money, NO!! So what is there to do when you want to have fun with your kids but your bank account won’t fund it? You improvise!!!! There are so many fun free or discounted things to do with kids. I’ll share a few of my tips that I use with my own little crew.

Get a membership 

The Family Y is a well known organization that can be found in most states. They offer a place to take your kids swimming in the summer and winter since most have indoor and outdoor pools, various sports that your child can play and also exercise classes that cater to kids and adults. And if your on a tight budget they offer discount memberships for low income and also through some employment organizations. You can also check your local community centers and private organizations to find free or discounted activities to do with your kids.

Go to the park

Ok I know it’s allergy season and if you live in the South the pollen is suffocating but the park is a place to take the family for some free fun!! I remember a day me and my friends had absolutely nothing else to do and none of us had a lot of money to spare so we took our kids to the park, let them play for hours while we sat on the picnic tables laughing and having a good time ourselves. How much did that cost? Nothing…zero…zip!!! And it’s one of my best memories because everybody was happy and money wasn’t an issue. Even if you don’t have friends or a significant other to go with let that be the time you catch up on a book or magazine you’ve been meaning to read while the kids play!!

Make home a fun zone

For them days that money is REALLY tight and you can’t waste the gas on going nowhere but to the upmost essential places then make your home your playground!! Think back to the days when going to places like the Family Y and the park wasn’t an option. Your parents weren’t taken you to all those cool places. You found things to do around the house with your siblings or cousins, well recreate those moments with your kids. There are so many games you can play around the house that cost you nothing!! Hide and go seek, Red light green light, make crafts, etc…the possibilities are endless!!

There are so many inexpensive ways to have fun with your kids. Sure amusement parks, arcades and various other kid friendly places are fun but unless your rolling in dough you probably can’t take them to places like that daily!! Improvise and use your imagination, kids are really easy to please when it comes to having fun!!!

Those were just a few of my tips, what are some budget friendly fun ideas you use?